Today Apple filed a lawsuit against Corellium. Corellium is a virtualization software company and it supports IOS. Corellium says that only offers virtualization on ARM to Android, IOS, and Linux.

In the Southern District of Florida, Apple accuses copyright infringement from Corellium. Which is of illegally replicating their operating system (OS) and apps that run on the iPhone and the iPad. In simple words, Apple is Going to File a Case on Corellium

Bloomberg clarifies that Apple Inc. accused Corellium LLC in case of selling illegally virtual copies of the iPhone and iPad. Operating system and applications which are running in Apple devices. In simple means, Corellium has copied everything whether it is code Graphical User Interface (GUI). And other details like Icons and violating Apple Copyrights (Ref Bloomberg) (Ref 9to5macBl)


Corellium is a virtualization software company. Corellium provides customers to interact with virtual devices. It allows researchers to use their software/application only virtualizations of iOS

This is the first company to offer IOS, Android, and Linux virtualization on ARM. It allows users to use a virtual iPhone running IOS right from within their browser.

Corellium did the illegal replication of the copyrighted operating system (OS) and Apps that runs on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, etc… That’s why Apple is Going to File a Case on Corellium


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