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Atlas survival MMO video game is a recently developed online game of sailing and monsters from Ark. This fabulous game forms variably as board games, role-playing games, and card games. Its pioneer is John Nephew, currently presiding over the company as well. So, this is the ultimate Atlas Game Review.

Essentially, the Atlas game is a thrilling and thriving game that builds farms for Dinosaurs and some other creatures as Hydra, Whale Sea Monster, and Dragon. The main function of the frolic is to beat the bosses. There are also some journals and log sheets lie dispersed around every map to help you travel over and through mysterious artifacts, natural void caves, and loot boxes eventually.

Talking about the reviews, the refurbished updates of the pirate game are elusive on the Ubisoft entertainment website. It seems fussy to find over unalike pirate MMO Atlas due to conflicting views. The reason why the game is inaugurated recently, before the Christmas holidays. Secondly, it can be played, showing grog scented survival with over 40,000 players simultaneously.

Be a zestful and exuberant player!

As Atlas game is feasibly within reach via Steam Early Access that is a new initiative for gamers to purchase, play, and provide feedback on games. It also arises insights, shrewdness, and creativity to build on the footing, structure, and balance amongst game players.

For, You need $29.99 or £23 and 100 Gb free space to purchase Atlas games and run it better and faster.

Atlas pc game

Formed on a genre-defining gameplay adventure from PC to console gaming,  ARK: Survival Evolved confrontations you are to sustain and further to prevail on the mysterious islands.

A massively multiplayer Atlas online video game is, initially developed for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, but now available on most network-capable platforms like smartphonesvideo game consoles, personal computers, and some other mobile devices.

This is an epic-like cross-play that allows PC and XBOX gamers to play and enjoy in the same world. This game is set in a pirate world where the gamers fight against their foes on the way to hunt and explore the treasure.

While knowing the rudiments, Atlas is an ambitious survival game with fanciful pirate theme recipes. You are taken to a conquering territory where thousands of other players dwell in. You are assigned tasks to build ships;  identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting the crew; raiding your ways throughout the world, and hunting down the pirate’s favorite buried treasure eventually.

atlas game review

Through this Action-adventure game, where the brutal survival gets much harder and tougher, following the procedures, rules, and response to the players ’actions helps to get the right Vitamins. Powering through it, you create and define the way the game is going to work and you have to travel across the huge world roughly estimated as 45,000 Sq.KM (km2) in size.

Suspense occurs in the account when you, the player either a man or woman left alone and unarmed; frozen and unfed at ARK (a mysterious island). You have to undertake numerous campaigns as harvesting and growing crops; crafting items and tools; gathering resources and finally erecting shelters.

In addition, with your slyness, you are to kill or breed the leviathan dinosaurs and other primitive 100 +creatures, for expanding your domain.

As the series proceeds, a risky and daring journey sets on. You undertake a lot of tasks to upgrade your level and gather more inventory pieces of equipment to collect and increase your strength. Then, You race through the jungles, snow-topped peaks, and tromp from place to place to eliminate the gigantic quadruped sauropod dinosaurs.

Not enough there, too many here: You collect allies to lift walls against enemies or chase down hunting creatures on the back on Tyrannosaurus rex, colloquially T-Rex, is from the species of the large theropods.

The more thrill you feel while taking part in physical and biological changing Ecosystem, where you are sole creature amongst many extraterrestrial hunters and attackers, toiling untiringly to sustain and obtain furthermost.

Here, the process of egg-hatching and mammal-ripening gets ongoing to rise life cycles.

Hair-raising Features that mount the game top-ranked

Leaving nothing to doubt, Atlas: the action-adventure survival video game is counted amongst the most ambitious online games.

Stay tuned for far more details on its stunning extensive features that make it the most favored one.

An advanced foretaste of Atlas, game

When the 1st glimpse or trailer of Atlas, games peeped out, it looked surprisingly remarkable!

 There are all the campaigns that one loves to accept and pass through it—it is to plunder thieves on islands, build and play art for your survival till 7 months along the line.

 If you are curious and ambitious, this game definitely satisfies your craving. It is a progression marker in Atlas games, which do not have any definite endpoints. Only you are to keep on grinding despicably like Ark, where your whole target is to get resources by thrashing down the animals, rocks, and trees rather everything lays on your way to your destination.

After a while, you meet your targets and goals that enable you to go to a higher level. Also, you get more recipes to move you onward enthusiastically.

The role you perform

You are the sole tank epic hero of the Atlas gaming empire. In this system, A large-scale modification of characters provides a limitless approach to a look real like characters, actions, and features as an impressive display of sliders, smoothly changing images, and pinch and pull with a sudden jerk. You can even get permanent tattoos, customize costumes as per the action and draw warpaint on top of them. Along with, the real-time aging feature and active hair growth make you look old as time passes.

A dilemma on Atlas games

Despite the all available amusing and rip-roaring ingredients, a little confrontation comes in online style; a lot of resources get cleaned out instantly on islands. It is a bit depressing to new athletes although the proper guideline can make you set about to stimulate further and farther.

Building a sailable pirate ship in ARK

According to my opinion, the best part of this adventurous game is the setting and erecting of the ship. There are, I think, 4 steps of handicrafts help to skirt and build panels for your ship in Ark: Survival Evolved game. For this purpose, It takes more than 10 hours on sever with 1x speed for gathering and utilizing the materials for ship-building.

As this is a Survival Evolved game, so you have to purchase everything. You have to learn and utilize a handful of skills for the assembling of tools and resources.

Firstly, you construct a raft buoyant to explore solely without the help of  Shipyardsman.

Next, you keep on grinding and passing through further adventures for buying raft sketches to add a campfire and bed to it.

The more thrilling you are, the tougher tasks you will accomplish. Based on angry bee selection, you need to hire a crew to set off with you. otherwise, you have frequently face dousing and breaking of ropes. This accomplishment will save and strengthen your position.

Need companions to play Atlas

Atlas gaming is an MMO(massively multiplayer online) game that sublets you find friends termed a company. It lets you gather a large number of players to compete and cooperate on PVP and PVE servers. Here is the time for you to combine your skills and resources that make you feel brave.

Before starting to build a huge ship, you definitely need to hire, scrutinize and manage AI crew members to fill their roles on the ship. The next important step is recruiting, paying, and feeding the crew to move the ships all around.

Just make sure to keep filling their stomachs to suppress down mutiny from their side and strive for you at times.

Teaming up with globetrotters and surveyors you are to discover resourceful lands, non-native creatures, and ancient ruins. This quest for glory and consistency earns the title of Pirate Legend for you due to additional perks within Sea of Thieves. 

Come into possession of animals

Hey! Get more alert and vigilant.

Atlas is a Survival game overfilled with exotic animals. They all are not friendly. A big part of surviving is either to tame them or keep away with them using tools and weapons. some parrots need to be lured or fed to win their trust.

The first creature you met with is the annoying bees, but getting triumph over them yields profitable resources for surviving in the game.

Search and research a massive world

Wait, there is a lot to satisfy your quest & exhilarating nature!

In the Atlas survival game, you sail in an acute vast ocean containing over 700 individual landforms. These landmasses have been spread across 45,000 square kilometers over and along the sea coast. Here lie thousands of interesting and charming points over the distinct regions, with their secrets, out-landed creatures, hazards, and resources as well.

Shape up your identity

For glamorizing your character, you are given a wide range of cosmetic options to generate an individual pirate look. Here, the browsing of the newest character customization unlocks your skills providing 15 unique disciplines to shape up your individual identity in the world of Atlas.

New weapons crafted during Classic pirate action

On the way to discover treasure, you have to craft epic-like weapons invariance as Brass Knuckles, Black Jack, Mace, Spear, and Sword. These Atlas weapons   & Dhal weapons strengthen you while combating the challenges that lie in every unexpected corner in the Atlas landmass.

Besides the heavy-ranged artillery variety, this entertaining frolic entitles you the world’s greatest swordsman, master cannoneer, and Gun-slinger at times.

Inciting warrior feasts

It seems chilling when you swing with grappling hooks to board an enemy ship .the more exciting you are when you have to disgorge cannonballs in continuous attacks on your foe’s hull.

No doubt, the ways to do away with enemies in the Atlas Ark survival video game, are in abundance. You look awesome in real pirate clothing performing given tasks.

Erection of your organization

Since the inception of times, the man has been direly longing for a rich empire stretching from pole to pole. Also one loves to control and command naval privateers to be the highest bidder.

In Atlas, thanks for every golden opportunity allotted to form any organization you long for. Motivation gets you going and growing when you settle your modular construction gathering piece by piece. The next more, you keep on contesting other lands, structures, ships that higher your ranks.

Here your wishes come true: Now truly, the world is in your oyster.

Enjoy the game on your private version of Atlas

Experiencing Atlas games on our official and unofficial servers, we conceive that you can enjoy playing the game on single-player mode or Your Non-dedicated server mode privately with eight friends.

Atlas game map

A Map draws out the enormous world on a much smaller scale. It helps you organizing information, traveling from one location to another, and also figuring out where you are and how to get where you want to go.

On the same pattern, Atlas map helps you get basic information about 121 Regions with 568 Islands to travel over and set colonies. Further, the regions are divided into four categories having different climates, weather and situation, mechanics, dangers, and new crafts and resources. This division is highlighted on the map with the help of grids, keys, and symbols.

Atlas world comprises hundreds of islands set apart from the ocean. The north and south of the island are packed with snow and the middle portion of the map contains:

  • free ports,
  • Golden Era Ruins,
  • tropical zones,
  • Claimable regions you can get triumph over through crafting and competing.

Moreover, A screen is designed between each region to represent a new server. This screen with 4 other hosts is joined with abutting the borders. Besides, a new Map has been introduced with 121 regions and 568 islands. These regions and islands are arranged as per their temperate climates.

  • Simply a rocky start… on an easy beach to further island you go.
  • Free to build a raft to get yourself adventuring and daring onto the high seas.
  • Pretty dire to come across exotic creature and tame them.
  • Love to comprehend and visit a huge map spanning 45,000KM and 40,000 players across 700 unique islands.
  • Here, Survival is a challenge. This game simulates more realistic survival mechanics.
  • The open sense of adventure is frankly unrivaled, but in theory, the game has serious potential.
  • The scenery is undeniably stunning.
  • It is worth investing as you can spend countless hours preparing to battle the Kraken.
  • Getting to 8 levels in the Freeport, you sunk a considerable amount of time before you sail away.
  • No one in this game is friendly. you spend 8+ hours collecting materials for a basic ship that get destroyed immediately.
  • Solo play is not easy. Advice is to find a playable group to adventure with.

Most Frequently Asked questions

Is Atlas related to ARK?

Atlas is an innovative multiplayer game online of monsters and sailing from Ark: Survival Evolved studio that is announced by Studio Wildcard during The Game Awards today.

What is the goal of ARK?

Ultimately Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival video game that is to beat the bosses, but practically it’s to construct and then manage a flourishing farm for dinosaurs and other 100+ creatures.

Is Atlas a dead game?

As it had a rock-strewn launch, but there is absolutely nothing to be revealed that the game is dead. Though The game doesn’t execute the pirate chantey dream of cruising yacht over the seven seas, a core player base has continued his sailing toward the destination.

Did the people who made Ark make Atlas?

Atlas is a new game launched by some of the masterminds behind Ark: Survival Evolved produced by Grapeshot Games that is also a new studio founded by the creators of Ark: Survival Evolved. Atlas is playable in a first-person pirate-themed survival MMO with a goal-oriented progression.

What is the first thing to do on Atlas?

The first step you take in the exploration of Atlas is Crafting a Raft. You should have to collect adequate and sufficient materials as 80x Wood, 75x Fibers, and 20x Hide. Then you are to visit your starting island and Freeport’s area with dockyards and equipment for repairing and maintaining ships.

After finding the Shipyards man standing at the end of the dock in Freeport towns, you let players build rafts. When your Raft is built, you set sail across the oceans.

Final Verdict

The ambition of Atlas survival MMO video game is to be praised and applauded. The uniqueness of the game is the setting sail into an enormously that is hardly done in games before except the Sea of Thieves. The only issue with Atlas, I observed, is the bugs extending near unplayable as they suffer from a lack of direction. Here,  vision gets so massively that causes issues of damage stability.

Beyond any doubt, it extinguishes your thirst for discovery while gearing up for a long voyage and run on ruins and disintegrated Argonath-Esque statue with your company. It’s lovely to beat or tame the exotic creatures overwhelmingly and do away with annoying bugs.

Atlas has often been outspokenly criticized and named as “An Ark Expansion released as a standalone title”. However, these questions arise in mind only due to a lack of basic understanding of the procedures involved in in-game progression. 

Despite a small number of weak points, Atlas is an awe-inspiring game involving several dimensions and graphics. It is surely hoped that Atlas will sooner come up with a finer solution to the drawbacks and better answers to that question.

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