The Azul Board Game Review | The Ultimate Guide

Do you ever do tile drafting in your life? No! Then don’t worry, we are here to discuss an interesting tile board game AZUL. In AZUL BOARD GAME REVIEW, we will take an overlook on the whole game. Moreover, in this game, you will draft many tiles with beautiful, pleasing patterns. All this practice wills occur on the walls of the royal palace. 

It is an interesting puzzle game in which 2 or 4 players will create an aesthetic pattern of tiles in less time. We must say that it is a family game. In fact, you can play it with your 8 + children. A game that connects whole family and friends to gather strongly is non-other than Azul Board Game Review.

Furthermore, in Portugal word “Azul” is used for blue color. In The Royal Palace of EVORA, some beautiful blue tile-work has been done, and it is called azulejos. So as a tile artist, you will make a beautiful wall during playing with your friends.

In the game, the best creativity and strategy will bring more points and victory for players. You will love to play the game again and again just because of its best fun experience.

The story behind Azul game review

A Portuguese king, Manuel 1 was visited a palace in Southern Spain called Alhambra. The palace was decorated with Moorish attractive decorative tiles. He was amazed by this stunning beauty. He loved to see the whole beauty of that palace. Therefore he orders to implement that beauty in his own palace in Portugal.

However, you will decorate the wall of the royal palace of EVORA because you are a tile-laying artist here. For this reason, you have to embellish these walls beautifully. When you start the game with your buddies and take turns to draft color tiles on the player board, you will pick these tiles from suppliers surely.

The whole game is about your wall-making skills with abstract art. If you decorate the palace wall aesthetically in less time, you will get more points than others. 

Interestingly, if you complete the specific pattern and side by side finish the set, you will get extra points. Namely, if you get more points during the game, you can win the Azul video game at last.

What is in the Azul board box?

The box contains

100 Resin Tiles

1 Linen bag

9 Factory displays

4 Scoring markers                                                                          

1 Starting player resin tile                                       

1 Rulebook                                     

4 Player boards

The gameplay of Azul board game review

Many chunky, shiny, bright, and emboss tiles will come outside when you open the Azul box. You will play the game often because it can handle very easily. Instant open and pack of the box can make it more convenient. You can pick it with any outdoor visit and play with family to show your grip on the game.

You can play five or more rounds of Azul board review. Players will take alternate turns of tiles from the center pile or available factories. The number of factories will scale with the number of players. Of course, each factory will populate with four azulejos tiles at the starting of the round. During the game Azul video game review, you need to focus on some points like.

  • When the player chooses tiles, he must take all of the tiles of that specific color. 
  • The remaining other tiles on that factory will move to the center pile instantly. 
  • The player has an option to choose all of one color from that center pile.
  • The round will continue till all tiles will select by players.
  • Suppose the first player taken from the middle of each round will become the first player for the following round. But unfortunately, he will lose a point during the scoring of the round.
  • Five rows will be available on the game board, so you must place your tile on the selected row.
  • Carefully place your one tile on the top row. The next row will require two, and this practice will go on.
  • Keep your eyes on the game with full focus as you need to complete your filling goal as soon as possible.

Simple rules of Azul game review

Game rules are very simple, and you can teach anyone. The new player will also understand its techniques. Pick your own player board from the draw bag. There are 20 tiles available for each color. Randomly pick any four tiles and place them on board.

When you start the game, first choose tiles either from the factory board or from the center of the table. It is up to you. But you need to understand that choose all the colors and take them from the location.

It is called a factory offer. The rule is so simple that you need to pick one color tile, and the rest should be left. However, if you pick tiles from the center of the table, then you cannot collect tiles from the factory board.

If anyone picks tile first from table or board, he will start the game as a first player. There are five pattern lines available on the player board. You need to fill one of them with the same color tiles. Place tiles on it and complete the pattern. But if you have more tiles left behind, then craft your board floor.

The interesting part of the game is that you will not place tiles in pattern lines with certain color if the wall already has that color. The same procedure will adopt by another player on his turn. This phase will finish when there is no time left for play.

The second phase will start with wall tiling. In this phase, you need to transfer your tiles from pattern lines to the wall area of the player board. Place your tile on the wall. It will consider a point. You need to move a tile from top to bottom from the pattern line, which has been completed.

Then put it on the empty same color line of the wall. Tiles from completed pattern lines will gather in the box lid, while reaming tiles that are not completed that lines will use in the nest phase.

The main thing is game scoring, and Azul board game review is also easy to understand. If you place a tile on the wallboard, there is no tile near a horizontal and vertical place. Therefore, you will get 1 point, but it has adjacent tiles around horizontal and vertical if you place tile. Then, you count all tiles and get more points immediately.

If you still do not complete the game, start a new round in which you will place four random tiles. Place all your tiles from the box lid to the draw bag, and then fill your player board with these tiles as soon as possible.

Try to complete one horizontal line on the player wall. You can get two bonus points for horizontal line completion and seven bonus points for vertical line completion. But when you place five same color tiles in one row, you can win ten bonus points. A player that gets more points will be a winner of the game.

Simple but attractive mechanism

The game has a simple yet attractive mechanism of the game. These ornamental tiles will attract any person during the game. The game is about abstract art. Show your creativity with the best game, and you will get the victory.

But at starting you may feel uncomfortable with the game rules as it is an abstract game. But once you start the game, you will grab the flow of the game and play well. The price of Azul is 30$, and it is not so high to spend time with family. You can takeout this game with you at any place.

Why Azul is a lovely game

The game carries a unique and engaging theme. You will never feel bored when you will play it. You can easily understand the whole technique. Many factors come along with the game like it is about your color choice of tile and what row you want to complete first.

Availability of the tile in the same color is important because if you cannot complete the left side of the wall with the same color, you cannot move to the right side of the board. And it can cause a loss for you in the manner of points in Azul board game review.

Final verdict of Azul review

Every person wants to spend quality time with their family and friends. So as per our thinking, AZUL BOARD GAME REVIEW is the best connecting game. You can enjoy yourself with your loved ones at any time. There is no restriction on time, space, and players. You can play the game with 2 or 4 players.

The game has simple rules and a creative atmosphere.As much as you can play, the victory will come near to you. Play with new players and teach them easily. You can play this game back to back because it does not have any extra requirements.

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