Do you want to protect your eyes from the light emitted by computers? And, do you face strain in your eyes and neck? If yes, then you need some best computer glasses. Moreover, this light is affecting your eyesight very badly. Therefore, your eyes need protection when you are working for hours in contact with the screen.

Many best blue light glasses are available and you can easily access them. These glasses protect your eyes from the highly damaging rays of blue light coming towards the retina. Not only, your eyes are affected but it may cause pain in the neck, headache, and fatigue. I think no one wants such a condition to occur. Hence, the only solution to avoid these problems is to use blue screen glasses.

You can find a lot of blue light filtering glasses with different brands and prices. But, you should choose the one with great anti-glaring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, you must look at their features in detail that they have the ability to block the UV light or not. And, they can filter the blue light to a good extent or not.

Why do we need computer glasses?

People who are in contact with screens for a longer duration may face strain in their eyes. Likewise, eye contact with the screen emitting blue light for more than one or two hours can affect the eyes badly.

Nowadays, children are spending their time on games and suffer from eyesight issues at a younger age. So, kid glasses are there that they can use while playing. It also improves sleeping and reduces headache problems.

How to choose the best computer glasses?

Before purchasing any computer glasses, you must look at their features. First, their price should be effective that everyone can purchase them easily. Moreover, they should be comfortable to wear by anyone.

Secondly, you should search for the best blue filter glasses that can stop the blue light in a better way. In addition to this, these glasses must be stylish and attractive. Similarly, unisex glasses are available that can be worn by any gender.

Features of best computer glasses


The best computer glasses must be comfortable for wearing like the other glasses. The glasses should not be heavy for your nose and must be lightweight. If the eyeglasses are not suitable and comforting for your ear and nose, they may cause pain.

Moreover, the glasses must not touch the cheeks and temples. You can check the level of comfort by wearing them that you can easily move your head on sideways. Similarly, your glasses must not fall off your face during moving your face downwards.

Likewise, you should take into notice that after wearing the glasses you are having a headache or not. If the continuous headache is there, you must change your glasses.


One more feature that confirms that the glasses are the best blue light computer glasses is their anti-glaring property. It means the glasses are anti-reflective and good for your eyes.

It will not reflect the rays off your lenses that is considered a good thing. Moreover, it also lessens the stress of digital rays on the eyes. Now, some prescription lenses are also present that have this anti-glaring property. But the effectiveness of these glasses to reflect the rays is not known.

Whole day usage

Likewise, the astonishing characteristic of the best blue light-blocking glasses is that they can be worn all day. But, our body needs blue light to maintain the circadian rhythm for proper sleep. If you wear glasses all day, it will result in severe headache and can also cause insomnia.

In addition to this, the red color glasses are prescribed to people because it reflects all types of rays that are green, blue, and violet. Therefore, the red color is prescribed to the persons facing insomnia. Similarly, the yellow color of glasses is good to wear in the daytime.

UV protection

The rays coming directly from the Sun are also very harsh for your eyes. UV or Ultraviolet rays are emitting from the Sun and directly reaching our eyes. Therefore, a barrier must be there to prevent their access to eyes.

So, these blue light screen glasses can protect eyes from these rays too. The features must include the higher extent of absorption of light.  You should notice the percentage when you are purchasing a pair of them for yourself.

  • Lightweight frames
  • Anti-glaring
  • Multiple colours
  • Reduces headache
  • Adjustable size
  • Durable lens
  • Improves sleep cycle
  • Mitigates stress
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Options of magnification
  • Filters blue light
  • Affordable
  • The extent of filtration of blue light is not clear.
  • May cause blurriness.
  • Limited colours
  • Very few styles

Which blue light blocking glasses are the best?

Here, some glasses of well-known brands are compared who claimed that they have best computer glasses. So, this comparison will help you in selecting the best one for yourself.

Accordingly, gamma rays glasses are very light because they are made up of plastic. They have great anti-reflection properties and are able to lessen the stress on the eyes. Moreover, these glasses are available at an affordable price and are perfect to wear.

Likewise, Ferix Turing glasses block 100% UV light and 50% blue light. You can enjoy wearing these grey glasses at your office. They give you a more stylish and decent look. Their frame is made up of organic acetate.

best computer glasses

In addition to this, glasses by Warby Parker are made up of lenses of polycarbonate. A wireframe is introduced by them that shows the durability and they have also announced a return policy within 30-days of purchasing which is the best thing I guess.

 The glasses by the Honeywell Uvex are able to block almost 98% of damaging blue light. Similarly, they are adjustable and help in treating insomnia. While the Cyxus HEV offers 80% of absorption and it contains a lot of styles and sizes. Moreover, you can order customized glasses that fit you.   

Furthermore, J+S Vision has introduced such glasses that are perfect for day and night. They are efficient in absorbing light and have variant lenses. But the problem that exists is that it can’t reduce blurriness in a good way.

Likewise, Prospek glasses are giving some extra boost and magnification variation is there also. You can select the one that suits you and is comfortable to wear. It absorbs 50% of light only but that is far better than the others. Now, it will be easy for you to choose the best one.


If you were confused that which are the best computer glasses, then I guess you have got your answer. This article will be helpful for those who have no experience with such glasses. Now, you can do brainstorming and select the best blue light-blocking glasses.

This blockage of blue is very essential not for our eyesight but for the improvement of health. It tackles the disorders of eye strain and migraine. It was observed in some people that they are facing the problem of pain in the neck and muscle fatigue by sitting for a long time in front of the screen.

If you have done some efforts while choosing these glasses and have found the best blue light computer glasses, then nothing better is there. The importance of blue screen glasses can only be understood only by those who are suffering from such disorders and pains.  

So, every glasses are not suitable for everyone. It varies from person according to the eyesight and size that fits him. For you, the best blue screen glasses are those that have shown some satisfying features like comfortability, affordability, and reduction in reduction in blurriness. Accordingly, gamma rays glasses can be selected if you want some affordable glasses for yourself.

Likewise, if you want to look stylish, then you can choose the one from Felix Grey. The yellow and red color of glasses are preferable for better sleep.


Can we wear blue light glasses while outdoor?

Yes. You can. But I would say that don’t wear them all day. Because they will not be comfortable and some customers have reported that they reflect and produce glare. Therefore, avoid them using outdoors.

How do blue light glasses block the light?

 There are some coatings on the surface of glasses that are tinted. Mostly the tints are of yellow color that blocks the blue light from reaching your eyes. Different shades of these tinted yellow glasses have shown variation in the absorption of blue light.

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