Dark Souls Board Game Review | The Ultimate Guide

Dark Souls Board Game is one of the amazing and addictive games available on the online market. In this game, the players crawl through various rooms, fight with rivals, and destroy the bosses. There are different characters such as Bloodborne series of video games, Dark Souls & Demon’s Souls.

Consequently, while playing this game, you will come across some brutal and pleasing experiences. Through the Dark Souls Board Game Review,  you will see that everyone does not appreciate the game. However, the people who want to build up their characters and like to experience difficulties will like it.

The theme of this game greatly inspires us. Most people who are fans of video games will remember a few of the famous characters. Moreover, others will love that dreadful intimate sensation displayed in this game.

Gameplay & Dark Soul Board Game Review

In this Dark Souls Card Game Review, first of all, we will elaborate on its gameplay. So, if you are a beginner and don’t know how to play this game, just read out this article till the end to understand how to play. 

Selection of Particular Characters

The Dark Souls game starts with selecting particular characters such as the main boss & a mini-boss. The box arrives, including four mini-bosses & 2 main bosses. One of them is a  pair of wicked characters called Smough & Ornstein.

Here all players select a character, for example, Herald, Assassin, Knight, or Warrior. Also, they descend their initial equipment on a customized sideboard. Additionally, they rearrange their different treasure cards into the loot deck.

In this way, players casually organize a set of tiles around the bonfire & start work.

Four Encounters

The gameplay starts with a sequence of four irregular encounters among the players & monster-like soldiers, armed Knights & the huge Sentinels. So, the players can freely participate in any encounter. Also, while following the given campaign rules, the players can run through space & even can sidestep completely.

Separate Characters

While starting this game, the players will have their separate characters. All of them will begin with their separate players & gears. Moreover, here you will have a chance to select your boss & mini-boss with which you will fight. It will show you the cards to set on all tiles of the prison.

Bonefire Tile

The bonfire tile is your home in the game, and here you can rest, and also you will go here after death. Similarly, this is where you can utilize souls to purchase treasure & upgrade your characters. Bonefire tile will help you to acquire the improved gears that you will require the most.

Stamina & Health Bar

Also, there is a stamina & health bar named Endurance Bar, and it tracks your life. Your stamina side fills with your additional movements. Likewise, the health side increases while you get hits from your rivals. The player will die while the health bar becomes full, so the entire squad has to go back to the bonfire.

Limited Number of Lives

Furthermore, unlike most video games, the player has a restricted number of lives tracked by the spark dial. Whenever he dies or selects to rest, he drops a spark that brings him closer to losing the game.

Death Scenes

Same as in video games, deaths are compulsory to go ahead. Also, it is the sole method to acquire additional souls, upgrade your levels & purchase extra loot items. The main technique to win the game depends on understanding when to test your luck & how to step back. So, just by the experience, you will identify how to get ready for a boss encounter.

Encounter Card

While entering a room, the player looks at the encounter card and plans to locate his rivals, terrain, treasure chests & traps. Of course, while reading the Dark Souls Board Game Review, you can see how simple is the game is. All you need is to acknowledge what the icons mean.

dark souls board game review

You can utilize the stamina of your character to move one or more intersections in any direction. If you come across the range of your rival, roll your dice according to the gears you recently have. Here you will identify if you possess sufficient assault equipment to beat your rivals or not.

All the players play the game according to their turn. After a player completes his turn, the rivals get activated & the upcoming player plays his turn. You get souls while clearing a room, and in case of your death, everybody goes to the bonfire, and the encounter gets reset.

Bosses & Mini-Bosses

Furthermore, similar to most video games, the souls remain in the room in case of your death instead of going to the bonfire with you. Besides, the final bosses & the mini-bosses are not similar to other rivals in the game; they are different.

The bosses are huge figures, and while you will see them on the board, they will look massive in front of your small characters. Moreover, the bosses combat too much, just like in those video games. All of them have separate cards that show you the way of their movements & assaults.

While you turn over their card, perform their actions & attempt to hit them. Every card lets you know about the weak points of the boss & their attacks as well. Additionally, if you beat the big boss, everybody will become a winner.

In case of the death of any team member and if your sparks count becomes zero, you will lose the game.

Campaign Mode

Aside from the basic game, it comprises a campaign mode that is a little different as well. In this mode, you can track your progress and can play through scenarios. Although there aren’t so many collaborative deeds, you need to perform as a squad to defeat your enemies in the game.

Similar to a Puzzle

On the other hand, there is an area where the Dark Souls Board Game varies from the video games. For example, it is much similar to a puzzle than an exploit game. Of course, here you find new weapons; however, you mostly keep discovering how to resolve every battle.

Consequently, most players might bother with the game who thought it was an extra adventurous game.

Pretty Extended Game

Furthermore, Dark Souls is a pretty extended game than your expectations. It would probably take at least two hours to complete a playthrough. Also, the rulebook isn’t so good and not horrifying as well. The page of icon reference on the rulebook covers a few icons you’ll come upon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Dark Souls a difficult game to play?

No, the Dark Souls is not a difficult game by itself. However, it consumes lots of time, and the player needs patience to play it. Moreover, you have to examine & notice your enemy and new regions where you enter. Mostly these things are not found in current games.

  • How long is the Dark Souls game?

The Dark Souls game normally consumes around 90 to 120 minutes with one player. But it depends on how great your initial draws are. And, it consumes 2 to 3 hours with 2 to 3 players, four hours with four players. This duration includes particular guidelines of its rules & few encounter skipping.

  • How does stamina work in Dark Souls Board Game?

While acquiring stamina in the game, you exclude cubes from your track. Thus, at the start of every player’s turn, they exclude two cubes & give them back to the supply. You don’t have any personal collection. While the encounter ends, the whole track becomes clear.

  • What does the gargoyle tail AXE do?

Gargoyle Tail Axe is one of the Weapons in the Dark Souls game. It is a sliced tail of gargoyle that is safeguarding the Bell of Awakening in the Undead Church. The players can use it as an ax of bronze battle. It folds quickly throughout bigger assaults also.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s all folks, here is the Dark Souls Board Game Review. This game is not appealing to everyone. For particular people, it will be a boring game where you repeatedly need to reset your rooms & battle with the same rivals again & again.

Other people won’t love it because it takes above two hours to play. On the other hand, similar to most video games, upgrading your characters is a wonderful experience. Also, you fight with your enemies to kill them who destroyed you previously in the game.

Hope you find all the information you needed about the game in this Dark Souls Board Game Review. Still, if you want to ask something, feel free to write in the comment section below. Our team will answer you as soon as possible.

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