Furniture Flipping Secrets Review (Everything Explained)

Furniture flipping is an excellent opportunity to generate income. It is a relatively new industry that does not offer much competition. Excelling in the field would allow individuals to capitalize on opportunities and make a fortune for themselves.

A program has been launched to train individuals in this field. And it is exactly what we would be discussing in this Furniture Flipping Secrets Review.

The Furniture Flipping Course covers everything from basics to advanced strategies. You would learn about how to get started, where to find old furniture, and how to prepare and clean it for reselling. Furthermore, you would also get an idea about the materials, timing, space, and effort that you have to put into it.

Besides these, the course will help you identify the furniture that has the potential for higher profitability. We will discuss all of it in detail but first, let’s talk basics for people who have never heard about furniture flipping.

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So, What Actually Is Furniture Flipping?

Furniture flipping is basically mending the old furniture and putting it out for the sale. Liking millennials for the “up-cycled” looks is a great opportunity to take advantage. All of us have pieces of furniture that we want to get rid of. It can be a tattered couch or an old study. But would it be nice to earn money from it instead of throwing it out? It is exactly what furniture flipping is all about.

It is the same as flipping houses but we are dealing with the furniture in this case. You can use it either to generate a new income stream or a means to get things you always wanted. You can either pay bills or get the new furniture for yourself. It is a great way to earn money without even putting much effort into it. Some have even earned thousands of dollars flipping furniture.

The potential is huge. All you need to do is to capitalize on the opportunity. And to help you out, some expert flippers have put together furniture flipping courses that would help you along the way, which begs the question:

What Is The Best Furniture Flipping Course?

You would find a number of furniture flipping courses online. I believe the “furniture flipping secrets program” by Destiny Garland is your best bet and the best furniture flipping course. Unlike others, it caters to all audiences – beginners and pros alike. The designer of the course, Destiny Garland, is a successful name in the industry and has helped many others in their career as furniture flippers.

Whether you are looking for flipping furniture for beginners or furniture flipping training, this program has it all. You would learn from basics to the most advanced techniques that can make you a successful flipper. Destiny shares her story which is anything but inspiring for aspiring furniture flippers. Her story goes as:

“I was in between job-hunting, so I had no idea what I was doing when it came to furniture flipping and zero experience but I saw an opportunity with those selves, and that point, I was teaching myself new techniques and setting a goal for myself to not only keep it as a hobby but to take it on a business level and in the first week I made $1,200.”

Structure of Program – Furniture Flipping Secrets Review

The program has been structured in a manner that ensures information continues to build from one step to another. Destiny has used stepwise instead of delivering all the information at once. In flipping furniture for beginners, you would get to know the basics. Once you understand the basics completely, you can proceed to advanced furniture flipping training.

The basics of the course are simple to understand where destiny walks you through the types of furniture and the material used in them. And in the advanced training, you will learn about the final handling like painting and strategies to market your product.

The course has six modules that help you learn about different factors involved in flipping furniture. We would discuss each of them in detail but first, let’s take a look at the summary course:

Summary of Furniture Flipping Secrets Review

  • Here is what you can expect from the furniture secret program.
  • Tools and sources that can help you find furniture at inexpensive prices.
  • Different kinds of furniture, their demands, and the potential profit that you can make by selling those pieces.
  • The process to convert tattered furniture into a sell-worthy product and methods to make the process inexpensive and easy.
  • Use of graphic and video editing to make your products more appealing to potential customers.
  • Websites that provide you with greater opportunities to sell your products and offer competitive commission prices.
  • Methods to bargain with customers and guarantee a repetitive purchase.

Modules of Programs – Furniture Flipping Secrets Review

As discussed earlier, the program has six modules on different subjects. Let’s take a look at them.

Module No. 1 – Preparation

The first module of the program is fairly basic and walks you through the tools and space you would need to set up the business. It is a simple but crucial module that is key to a successful project. Here is what you would find in the module:

  • The space needed to establish a set-up for flipping the furniture.
  • Tools that you would need to repair or modify the furniture
  • Methods to optimize the time that does not compromise the quality of your products.
  • Colour schemes and the best available brands can guarantee a good return on investment.
  • Information about tools and equipment which are needed for the job. And the things you need to look out for while purchasing them.

After the first module, you would get a decent idea about what the job is actually going to be like. An investment that you need to set up the business and what are the important things that you need to be mindful of. Whether the space in your garage is enough or you would need to rent out another property. All of these would be covered in the first module.

Module No. 2 – Finding Treasure

I believe the second module is of the utmost importance and its understanding makes or breaks for your business. The key to making a profit is to procure goods at inexpensive prices which is exactly what this module is all about. In this module, you will learn:

  • Where and how to acquire the used the furniture
  • Days of the week when you can purchase the furniture at cheaper prices.
  • The time that it takes for furniture to reach your workshop.
  • How to identify different types of furniture and acquire it at the cheapest rates.
  • Strategies for smart work rather than hard work.

Understanding this particular module would enable you to find good furniture at the cheapest rates. You would also know which type of furniture takes how long to repair or modify and the potential profit you can generate from it. Depending on where you live the prices can vary but the techniques that Destiny describes would come in handy nonetheless.

Module No. 3 – How To Turn Trash Into Treasure

The third module is a little advanced where you would learn about techniques and methods to convert old furniture into a sell-worthy one. It is more of a workshop that would enhance your skills related to repairing and fixing old furniture. You would learn about:

  • Best methods are practices to strip old paint while retaining the integrity of the furniture.
  • Techniques to apply new paints polyacrylic without running into problems like clumps and bubbles.
  • Methods to clean old furniture without using any chemicals that can damage the structure.
  • Best practices for distressing
  • Techniques that you can use to add stencil art and other designs using tapes and paint.
  • How to decide on refurbishing furniture as not all the pieces would need it.
  • Precise and accurate techniques of grit and standing that are efficient and yield excellent results.
  • How to blend different types of paints, where to add gold leaf accents and how to add line drawers.

After going through this module, I do not guarantee that you would become an expert in these techniques. But it will definitely help you identify what you are doing wrong. It takes practice to master these skills but understanding what exactly you need to practice makes a huge difference.

Module No. 4 – Staging Strategies

Products that look good sell well and it is exactly what this module would teach. No matter how good the product is, if you cannot take good pictures, it would not appeal to anyone. But does that mean you have to hire a professional photographer? No, in fact, it is in quite a contrast. The module teaches you to take the good clicks of furniture yourself instead of spending a hundred bucks on a professional photographer. Here is what you would learn:

  • Selection of the right décor that helps your furniture to stand out and look appealing to customers.
  • The best angles can get you quality photographs.
  • How to use natural and artificial light to improve the quality of your clicks.
  • Techniques such as “Garage Door Backdrop Method” and “The Furniture Power House”.

It is not a technical course that goes in-depth about photography. It teaches you the simple skills that eliminate the need of hiring a professional photographer. Think of it as a cost-reducing measure.

Module No. 5 – Selling Furniture

Converting old furniture into new is a challenging task but selling it is also not an easy job. No matter how good your products are, if you are not selling them right, profit would not come. It makes it important to learn the right techniques and places where you can sell the product at good profits. And all of it would be covered in the 5th module of the course. You would get to know:

  • Where and how to list the furniture
  • How to fix price and avoid the bargaining but when it comes to it how to stand up for your products.
  • Templates that have proved to be successful and how to acquire and use those templates for your furniture.
  • Strategies to price your goods that can get you maximum sales.
  • Websites that have high traffic and good sale potential.
  • What to write in the description of the products to spark the interest of buyers.

The goal of this module is to enable you to make the most profit while keeping your expenses in mind.

Module No. 6 – Building Your Own Brand

Flipping the furniture does not always have to be a side job. If you think you have the potential to earn a fortune from it you can make it your own main business. Establishing the brand would provide a higher opportunity to negotiate with different listing websites and earn more profit. The last module helps you in building your own brand and includes:

  • How to create an effective presence on the internet and social media platforms.
  • The information about what to post and who to target for your marketing campaigns.
  • How to get followers who would donate the furniture or sell it at lower prices.
  • Messages that can be encouraging for new customers and generate trust in them for your brand.
  • How to keep the customers engaged with your accounts on different platforms in order to get a higher response rate on your products.

Conclusion – Furniture Flipping Secrets Review

The Furniture Flipping Secrets Program by Destiny is an excellent and effective course for individuals who want to become flippers. It is properly structured and covers everything that an individual should know before setting up this business. The program is comprehensive as discussed in the furniture flipping secrets review and does not cost as much as well. We would recommend our readers to definitely give it a try.

This is all that we had on the furniture flipping secrets review. If there is anything that you want to add or ask let us know in the given section. We would love to respond. Thank you!

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