How To Prevent Doxxing | Avoid Getting Doxxed

Suppose someone’s private information leaks or publishes on the internet without concern. It is simply called doxxing. Now, first of all, we will know about the word “doxxing”. It extracts from “dropping dox”, where dox stands for documents.

Moreover, an unauthorized individual gathers someone’s private information and posts it online to harass, threaten, or reprisal them. Then it calls doxxing. Hackers usually embarrass someone by publishing their videos, pictures, and private information on the internet. In this particular article, we will discuss and know how to avoid doxxing.

Hazard of doxxing

Every person has a separate political thought and special opinion on any topic. But some people don’t like this and want to target that person by attacking cyber-attacks. All these activities will know as doxxing.

Doxxing can cause many lethal problems in someone’s life. He can target by doxxers, and these doxxing attacks can harm his personal life along with professional life.

Many people do not have knowledge of how to avoid getting doxed. These doxxing hazards will cause job termination or disruption of your private life.  However, that person has no idea how to deal with these problems. So it is the most important thing to know how to prevent doxxing and secure your online data to save your life.

The major essential question is why the people doxx others. It has a tricky answer. When a person has a different opinion and thoughts on politics, news, current affairs, or any other activity that doxxed do not like. Then, doxxer can bully someone who has a different point of view.

Doxxing consequence on life

If you do not secure your data, it may harm for your life. Such as

  • You will get cyber-attacks again and again because doxxer has gotten your important information that he can use to destroy you.
  • These doxing activities can harass or humiliate a person in public forms.
  • It can cause a massive break down of your personal and professional life. For example, you can lose your job, home, and life partner as well.
  • Public shaming and assault by a doxxer can destroy your reputation.
  • Your identification will use without your permission for wrong purposes.


How to protect yourself from being doxed

So we are providing some important points to save yourself and learn how to prevent getting doxed. All these points are given below.

VPN protection

VPN stands for the virtual private network; hence, you have to use it to protect your information from hacking attacks. However, if it is necessary to use public Wi-Fi, then turn to a close public sharing network.

A VPN gives full coverage of protection from uncovers your physical or IP address information. VPN works smartly as it gets hold of a person’s net traffic, encoded it. Then before spreading out to the common internet, it sends it to serving severs.

As we know, that IP address contains our zip code, country, city details. In addition, hackers can use this information to grab more personal details about you. But a VPN can protect your internet presence by covering your original IP from a different IP. For hackers, it will be impossible work to get your location because it encrypts your internet traffic.

But be aware that do not use free VPN as these can involve selling or leak your data. In this case, the user can face logging problems with different viral infections, and hacking of the browser can also occur. Free VPN can promote malware activities that can harm your internet protection. It is the most important thing for an individual to known how to prevent doxxing.

Inspect social media settings and posts

For seekinghow not to get doxed, you need to take an audit on the settings of your social media platforms. Do not put any information about your address, contact number, a particular location, or workplace details. Definitely, it will be an easy job for any hacker to grab all your details from your social media account.

In addition, social media accounts usually fill up with the different types of your data. Delete or restrict your post that contains much data about your life. This practice will help you to know how to protect yourself from doing.

Privatize all your profile details like username, address, personal details of any post. In fact, you can set “friends only” to protect your post from any hijacker and successful search for how to prevent doxxing.

Hence neither provides any private information to anyone nor discuses personal details for the sake of some promotions on the internet. It causes many problems for an individual as this information can defame or embarrass someone for personal interest.

Remove data by asking Google.  

Suppose you get to know that your personal information has shown in Google search results. That will also be an alarming situation for you. Therefore some data brokers can place your information for crime checks and background checks.

To put it another way, you has to fill an online form from Google. Indeed these specific details will remove from Google search. This is a very easy practice to know how to avoid being doxed.

Simply put your name or online account details specifically and search it on Google search results. To avoid doxxing, it is a simple but effective practice for anyone who secures his information. And also wants to learn How to Prevent Doxxing.

Minimize your online data

By searching how to prevent doxxing, you need to put less information on social media platforms. We all experience that these social sites ask some non-relevant questions that promote online doxxing, which can harm any individual.

For avoiding this situation, you can put less information on these sites. Never mention your school details, job location, friend’s details, and private information. Any stranger can access your profile and can doxx you.

If someone uses his information carelessly, it can cause a major problem for him. To clean up your details, there are many apps available for mobile users. If you put less information, this is a simple way to keep yourself safe from any doxxing activity. 

Keep away from online quizzes.

Suppose there is a questionof how to prevent being doxed. Then, the simple answer is to keep yourself away from any online quiz. However, it is a fun activity for many people but a big source for hackers and malicious actors. These scammers will pick your email id or your real name with other pieces of information. That you have provided to know an answer for these quizzes.

Do not fill any surveyor quiz form because your provided information can harm you by using those doxxers. This risky situation can breach the protective barrier of your information on the internet.

Online password protection

Now a day every person is curious about how not to get doxxed. For this reason, you can create a strong password for your online profiles. To avoid any unauthorized activity, you can enable two-factor authentications.

It will protect your account and data to use illegally and without your permission. Breaking difficult passwords is impossible for any hacker, so use difficult combination codes to protect your data. Of course, you can use a variety of passwords for different social platforms to save yourself.

Cyber security practice

In search of how to avoid getting doxed, you need to secure your personal data like

  • Persons full name
  • His Email address
  • His ISP account number
  • number of Social security
  •  private Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Physical address

 All this information will misuse and mishandled by any random person or doxx. This doxx wants to threaten you or defame you on social media. So update your computer software regularly to avoid any bug activity. Keep an eye on operating systems, timely update them to avoid these doxx activates. With this intention, it will be a nice way to answer how to prevent Doxxing.

 Computer protection

Protection of your computer is the most important thing that you need to do. Do you regularly check on the computer’s security? There is much security software that can check computer security and different updates and install these updates automatically. These computer security protections will save your data to use illegal or doxx from anyone.

 Create different usernames and password

It will be a good practice to use different usernames and passwords for various forms. You can use the unidentified name for many platforms and websites that are controversial. You need to make a difficult username that does not include your complete name details. A doxxed cannot get your information if you make a difficult security border around your information.

Things to do if you’ve been doxxed

  1. If you think that you have been doxxed by someone, then collect all available evidence in the documentation
  2. You need to report on the cybercrime branch and specify the platform where your information has leaked.
  3. Find someone who gives you suggestions to avoid doxxing further.
  4. You can change your number after doxxing to protect yourself.
  5. Check the security information of your social media accounts regularly.

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