Photosynthesis Board Game Review | The Ultimate Guide

If you are in search of a game that can really capture the ‘circle of life’, Photosynthesis Board Game is an atypical merge of the best board games. This is a very easy and effortless game with unique and advanced strategies that perfectly enhances its theme. The theme is sowing the seeds and growing beautiful woodland in the sunlight. 

You are to capture as much sunlight to grow new seedlings as many trees you have planted. The larger trees you have, the more sunlight you will have to harvest which can cast a shadow on other trees in the forest.

On the whole, the Photosynthesis Board Game is a beautiful eye-catching game if you walk past it. It has not only a unique theme that is perfectly apt for the game but also makes the rules pretty easier. The mechanics of this entrancing game are so simply designed that only three to four turns make you master and you do not have anything to ask further.

A quick Tutorial on Photosynthesis game

As the Photosynthesis Board game runs on the theme of several varieties of trees, they transform light into a form of potential energy for themselves that helps the trees to grow. The trees spread the seeds in a small high-yielding forest. Later, the sun gets visible from the edge of the game board.

Here, the 1st target of the players is to catch up with the light while the sun was moving across the sky. This light is the currency which the players utilize efficiently to grow the saplings in the thickest forest area. Basically, the portable surface of the Photosynthesis game is hexagonal, which completes 6 rounds in circle 3 times. So, everyone acquires 18 rolls in each game.

In Photosynthesis, the main objective is to earn & acquire the bulk of points via completing your trees’ life cycles. The game is run on a series of rounds, each of them is divided into two phases:

1st Phase in the Photosynthesis Game

For a very good-looking and well-built game about trees, it wraps up a lot of conflicts and scuffles on the board. Aslongthe sun keeps on moving clockwise to the next segment on the board, the players start gathering their light points from the trees they have planted. The trees earn light as points from the shining sun. While Trees ‘shadows loom over the area based on their size and height and block other trees from earning light points.

2nd Phase of Photosynthesis (The Life Cycle)

In the 2nd step, each player spends the coins that he has earned through sunlight in the 1st phase. He purchases the plants; grows and collects a lot of large trees via a serialized program. Each seed and tree adds points to your available area.

In this serial, each player can spend 4 light coins to earn victory by harvesting large trees, on the game board. There is one thing to be informed that every player is allowed to grow only .one tree in one round. Within the three revolutions of the sun around the board, the photosynthesis game completes. The player who earns the most coins within time, wins.

Graphics of the Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis Game is a science game in which students have to learn a lot of academic and non-academic activities in this series of games. The game graphics gives Photosynthesis a greater leap forward. The natural graphics and peerlesscustomizability keep the players captivated till the game ends. Its artwork is alluring. The varying heights of trees, their looming shadows, and wooden blocks give the game a real-like look. The players enjoy the game while putting in experience how plants get substances from the environment and process them in the sunlight.

Topics Covered

As is the photosynthesis theory that plants naturally absorb water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air. Then the plants convert these materials in glucose after chemical reactions in the presence of the sun that is the main source of light and energy. The same process is observed and experienced in a series by the player while enjoying the game in his spare time.

Process of gameplay

 Photosynthesis is an abstract strategy game in which entertainment and learning go hand in hand. Along with the theme, the mechanics are very simple and straightforward to comprehend and follow. Cost is labeled on everything you triumph over. On-labeled costs and mentioned information make the game very easy for gamers and non-gamers for the right selection.

Photosynthesis is a fantastic game and it becomes fierce more when the game gets on go. Earning light points is the major task in the game. As you are not allowed to get a second spin, you are to complete a dual-task: First, blocking your opponent’s trees to get sunlight, and second growing your trees in one round only.

The game becomes weightier when Competitions reach to its climax amongst four players. Here, the players have to use their best tactics to react and retreat their opponents by blocking light towards their trees. On the other side, you are to be abrupt and keen not to let your opponent block your light points.

In the final round, you get trickier while maximizing your points to win. There is one thing to be careful that game can get boring if you don’t collect points rapidly in the last two rounds as it was onerous to produce and harvest a tree in one turn. The player who earns the most Victory Points wins.

Game strategy for young and adults

 This 2 to 4 players’ game is designed to inspire young and adults altogether. Junior and senior players belong to any age can equally play and enjoy a board game, but it is highly recommended for the players who are 8 and up.

Eco (Earth) friendly Game

Photosynthesis is a high-quality, play value, and award-winning game. It is not environmentally harmful. This theme most commonly refers to the safe-keeping of planet earth, recycled substances to manufacture, and no harm upon ecosystems.

  • Unique concept with a straightforward game
  • Equally entertaining and informative for the ages 8 & up
  • The artwork and components are wonderful
  • Easy & meaningful strategies and tactics
  • The mechanic of the solar revolution is quite challenging
  • You are to plan before to avoid weariness at the end of the game

Most Frequently asked questions

Q1. What trees are in the game Photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is a Science game that is about harnessing light & energy from the sun. In the game the players plant seeds; grow them into a variety of trees as the blue Conifers, yellow Oaks, blue Spruce, and green ones are Maples.

Q2. Is Photosynthesis a good game?

Photosynthesis is an abstract strategy game that keeps binding the gamers and non-gamers till the end of it. This thematically unique game is perfectly appropriate to learn and enjoy your spare time mechanics are so simple that you can choose & decide your turn without having any questions in your mind.

Q3. How long does it take to play Photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis takes only 30 seconds to trap light energy (1st step) and dark energy (2nd step) to produce a synthesis of water, minerals, carbon dioxide, and oxygen as fuel.

Q4. Can Photosynthesis occur in the dark?

The presence of the light phase is inevitable for the process of photosynthesis.

Q5. Can you have more than 20 light points in photosynthesis?

In the Photosynthesis strategy board game, the player has to gather coins from round to round. That’s why you cannot accumulate more than 20 light coins within the given time. You score 1 point after planting 1 plant.

Conclusive Conviction:

Photosynthesis is a scientific theory-based abstract strategy game. All the components and instruments in the game are so easy and helpful to make the theme more comprehensive and entertaining. This is a refreshing game that teaches the students the scientific theory step by step how plants make their food in the sunlight & energy. The players learn and enjoy simultaneously.

Besides its subject matter and its eventual learning, you can enjoy Photosynthesis Game with your family, friends, and gaming groups aging from 8 to onward. The process of the sun rising and the mechanics of growing trees make the complete and clear sense of photosynthesis. No Doubt, It is an engrossing game that calls your attention again and again.

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