Do you want a thrilling and captivating board game? Are you interested in managing a building and piling up its parts? If you want, go for the Santorini board game. Here, we are providing you a Santorini board game review that will be supportive of the newbies.

Moreover, you will find out the strategic overview and the hits and misses of the game in this Santorini board game kids review. Likewise, you will get a lot of information regarding gameplay and the package. You will get something extra in the retail package that was not a part of the older one.

Further, the Santorini board review is for those board game lovers who are keen to spend their money on a splendid game. Moreover, they would love to know that this game has a longer life span. It is not only cost-effective but stays for more time.

In addition to this, the strategies that should be adopted while playing the game and the ways to win it are described in a Santorini game review. Moreover, the box contains three boards, workers, some pieces of building that you have to join in the package.

In the same way, you will find this game different from all other board games in terms of depth. It is a little bit tricky to compete with your opponents by ending this game first. Once you have completed the building by putting a blue tomb on the top, the game will finish.

Moreover, this game takes almost ten to twenty minutes. It depends on the expertise of the player that he has a command over all the parts or not. A guide is there in its package that will guide you about the progressive battle. 

What is the Santorini board game?

If you are new to this board game, then this section is just for you, and if you have played the game before, you must find it interesting to read about it. So, let’s start! The Santorini board game is based on a famous Greek building for its blue dome and white color.

Moreover, this blue dome is the specialty of the building and makes it prominent. Similarly, the building contains many floors and windows that are present on the parts of this building ethically. You can see the stairs on the side of the building in the parts.

In addition to this, the Santorini board game review involves constructing a building that is Santorini by joining its parts available in the box. There are three boards; one is the lower board that depicts water. The second board shows a rocky surface of the Santorini and gives a 3D appearance to the game.

santorini board game review

While the last or the top board is placed on the rocky board and appears green in color on which the building will be designed. These three boards act as a base of the game. Then, you have to arrange all the pieces of the building in a sequence to complete this game. 

Additionally, this Santorini board game review provides you a complete picture of this fantastic game that is an amazing game to play. It keeps the attention of the player towards it and never allows for deviating it from the board. There is no restriction for the age groups. Any child and any adult can play it easily.

Features of the Santorini board game

Captivating 3D boards

As mentioned above in this review for the Santorini board game, this game has some boards that give a 3D look into the game. The lower board looks like a sea. While the middle one gives a rocky appearance. And the top board looks like a grassy surface. Organize all these boards before starting the game.

Connect the building pieces

Some pieces of the white building that mimics Santorini, are present in the box. You have to connect them with each other by piling them on the top. Keep assembling the parts until it is done. And place the blue dome on the top.


It is explained in the Santorini board game review that there are six builders or followers that are available in pairing and can be shared between three players easily. They have different colors that are blue, white, and brown.

Each pair consists of a male and female builder. They are placed at different locations on the board. Their involvement is in the construction of a building nearby.

Rules booklet

When you purchase this game, they will provide a booklet to you. The booklet contains rules written on it. These rules will guide the users about the game. Moreover, it contains all the rules in detail.

Availability of free app

There is a free app for Santorini that contains videos. These videos will illustrate the gameplay visually. Likewise, the tutorials in this app will be helpful for those who can’t understand the booklet.

Access the God Cards

Some cards that give you the powers of God are available in the updated game. These are some pictures on the cards that act as a clue for the powers associated with them. These cards are not essential to use, but they are given as a choice to take the benefit. The cards are arranged as rows on the board.

  • Captivating game
  • Multiple god powers
  • Aesthetic images
  • Strategic game
  • Time-effective
  • There are no such considerable cons of this game except that the players have to develop concepts and understanding to play the game. And, it is not the game for analysis paralysis.

How to play?

The Santorini board game review will show you the easiest way to play and win the game. Moreover, the Santorini board review will tell you about all the strategies that are difficult for some players to understand and follow.

It starts with arranging the boards on top of each other. Similarly, you have to organize all the pieces together and make a captivating building. The final touch of the building includes the addition of blue domes on top of the Santorini.

In addition to this, you can use the worker pairs to help you in this process. This pair has a male and female worker or follower. Moreover, the gameplay involves the movement of the builders to the places that need construction.

Furthermore, there are different levels that show different parts of the building. The first level is the basic one and put the parts near the builder, and then move the builder to the next position.

In the same way, you have to keep your builder moving at different locations. Your aim should be to take your follower to the third level. And, put the dome finally on the top. Therefore, the Santorini board game kids review is the one with a complete overview of the game.


So, I am going to conclude the Santorini board game review with a few last words about this game. I think this splendid game should be tried for once. The benefits of this game are more than its flaws. Not only, the gamers will find it interesting, but the non-gamers will also get an addiction.

In addition to this, a review for Santorini board game depicts that this game contains multiple rewards, and there is no need to memorize the setup process. Moreover, the time taken to end this game depends on the players. The expert ones will finish it within five minutes only.

In the same way, very few games are there that are rewarding, but it ensures you almost 99% of engagement. I must say that you should not waste even a second thinking about your moves. Do it fast if you want to compete with the pro players.

Therefore, ask me your queries if there are any. I will answer you ASAP. In the end, I wish you good luck in being the winner of the Santorini board game.


Can three players play the Santorini board game?

Three to four players can enjoy playing this game. Preferably, two players should play this game. You can use the God powers in case of more players. All the powers of the characters present on the cards show their specialties.

Which one is the best God with superior powers?

The God of love is the strongest and its name is Aphrodite. After that, Ares and Bia that is the god of war and violence respectively.

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