Are you searching for an action game to play? Do you want to be an action hero and have your own territory? That’s awesome! It will be great to know that you have a Scythe game to make your dreams a reality. This scythe board game review is for those who are interested to know more about this game.

In addition to this, the Scythe board game is a one to five-player game and based on actions. Likewise, it is introduced by the Stonemaeir Games, and it is not based on levels. It takes almost two hours to complete this game in a single go.

As a player, you are going to enjoy this fantastic thematic game with amazing challenges. Moreover, the Scythe review builds your knowledge about the game and the secrets that you must know before starting it.

Likewise, the Scythe board game geek is a game that contains some factions and maps which the player will choose at the beginning of the game. Moreover, the player has to focus on building his territory that has faced destruction in the war of the 1920s.

Likewise, the game of 4-5 players is more interesting because it enhances the exposure to more challenges. Different factions have different opportunities for challenges. At one time, the only faction could proceed.

So, read this Scythe board review carefully, and it will solve your queries about this game. This game is known for its amazing features and gameplay, and millions of players have downloaded it.

Similarly, the Board game scythe is considered a very fascinating board game for those who love to explore and exploit the territories. These factions include factories where the workers of the territory work. In addition to this, these Mechs maintain peace in the territory by having control.

Why should we play Scythe?

There are many board games that have amazing features with their pros and cons, but the Scythe board game is one of the most captivating and engaging with combat gameplay.

Its amazing features make it attractive that players become addicted to it. Likewise, the gameplay that involves multiplayer created a competitive environment between the players.

Moreover, the astonishing features of this game include miniatures made of plastic, tokens, and card stocks. The publishers and designers of this game never compromised on the themes and gave it a stylish look.

scythe board game review

Furthermore, the player design strategies to explore the game in its own way and then manage the game to compete and win. Likewise, you can add spice to the game by engaging competitive players that give you a tough time. When you have a strong team to fight with, it will maintain your interest till the end.

There are many hits of this Board Game Scythe, with some little misses that can be ignored. This is an outclass game on the Kickstart platform.


Scythe board game is full of actions and thrill. Here, the player has to build a territory after taking control of it. There is massive destruction in the territory due to the war. It results in losing everything, and then the territory has come to an end. In addition to this, you have to rebuild the area by using some goal-oriented strategies.

Further, two players can play this game minimally, but up to seven players can enjoy this at maximum. But, the Scythe game review has shown that a game of two players is very boring and very easy to play without any extraordinary challenges.

Here, you have to collect money by playing several games, and you will get all the points at the end. These points are of great importance because you can explore the game in a better way. By using these points, you can do a lot of actions in your territory.

Moreover, you can intrude on different invaders in the gameplay by choosing the one. It will change the type of actions in the reaction to the challenges introduced by the invaders in different factions. The tasks of this game include winning the battle and construct the huge buildings.

Additionally, this Scythe board game review tells you about the personal mat that has top and bottom rows. These rows involve some actions in a sequence. The top row is based on moving, producing, and trading. And trading is followed by a bolster.

After completing the top row, the bottom one activates. There is a connection between the actions in the top row with the bottom one. On the mat, many things like buildings are available that you can select and put on the board.  

Features of Scythe Board Game

Production value

The publisher has worked keenly on the themes and graphics of the game. The designing of cards and the selection of colors for the themes are outstanding. The plastic miniatures and the wooden resins play a role in making it an engaging game.

Single round

This game is not based on levels. It involves only one round and takes almost two hours to complete. Then, the player can reset the game and develop around from the beginning. But, he can save his previous record of points in the game to set a baseline.

Strategic game

This game involves some clever strategies to compete with almost two to seven players. As the players increase, the competition becomes more interesting and tough.

Captivating map

The map design is captivating, and the players can enjoy four factions. It gives a chance to the player to go in the way he wants. There is less competition at the start of the game, and you can easily build large buildings and can make points.

Invader’s encounter

The way of encountering the attacking invaders in the territory is simply amazing. The players feel like a real war and attack the invaders to destroy them.


  • Lots of rules
  • Difficult to understand as you have to learn it after playing some games.
  • Points are shown but after completion of the game.
  • Objective cards are difficult to collect.
  • The game ends after completing the first six objectives.


Which one is the best faction in Scythe Board Game?

Crimea and Rusviet are the two top factions that are very interesting and fascinating. They are good to create a base with flexibility.

How can we encounter the Rusviet faction?

You can employ the Nordic to tackle with Rusviet. To encounter them, you must use Mechs and encircle them.

How can I beat Scythe in the Crimea?

The colonization technique is used to beat Scythe in Crimea. You can get many points in it by enhancing your control over many territories.


The concluding remarks for this Scythe board game review must be very highlighting. Moreover, this game is full of actions for action lovers. Likewise, it is good for those who want to sit and complete the game in a single go. Those players who are not interested in certain levels can try this Scythe board game.

Further, this game has the potential to keep you attached to the gameplay. The secret of its prominence and success is its themes and the production. Similarly, it provides a novel experience to the users of the Board Game Scythe by employing the featured products.

In addition to this, it is a good option for the fog-lovers, which provides never-ending fun. Likewise, it is a multiplayer game that is important for its popularity.

Scythe board game review has mentioned that the combination of several features like mats, factions, hex, Mechs make this game adorable. Its advanced graphics and thematic ideas are according to modern requirements.

So, Friends! Or I should say Game Lovers… Go for this Scythe board game and understanding the basic rules and ideas of playing through this Scythe Board Game Review. I hope it will be helpful. In case of any query, you can ask. Drop your query. I will answer you ASAP. Good Luck.

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