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Do you love to play board games? Are you searching for a game that is not so tricky? And the one that can be played by the younger ones. It’s wonderful. You are about to know the splendor board game.

This splendor board game review will be helpful in understanding the pros and cons with detailed features of the game. Moreover, you will know the strategies to play it.

Similarly, this game is one of the fantastic board games that catche the eye. Likewise, younger ones from ages above ten can enjoy this splendid game. And, according to the Splendor board game review, it is one of the main reasons for its popularity. This age restriction shows that it is easy to understand.

Additionally, this game is about collecting gems cards.  Moreover, it is the game of renaissance where a player struggles to conquer the area by buying the resources. After buying, he will acquire different mines and transportation vehicles.

Further, it is a multiplayer board game, and almost four players can enjoy it at one time. But, it is suggested that it should be played between only two to complete it quickly. Two players can finish this game in only 30 minutes. And, the time goes on increasing as the number of players increase.

In addition to this, this Splendor expansion board game review will guide you about designing fruitful strategies to win this game. Here, we will provide you the complete picture of this game by highlighting its features. So, you must read Splendor video quick review board game to understand its gameplay.

What is Splendor Board Game?

This is basically a card game where the player spends gems for buying the cards. Moreover, the focus should be on having a diverse collection of cards. Likewise, you will get prestige points after buying cards. Moreover, there will be a building of engine followed by cards development. The more cards you will purchase, it will be easier to collect more cards at a low cost.

Further, there are six types of cards with different stickers on them. These stickers will act as tags and are helpful in understanding the cards. A small guide with all the rules and symbols explanation is there in the packing.

splendor board game review

When you purchase this game, you will find this guide of four pages in the packaging. In addition to this, the size of the cards is small and lightweight. It is also mentioned in the Splendor board game review that the cards look like a poker chip and are very easy to take in hand.

Similarly, this game has three levels, and each level includes thirty cards. So, the total number of cards is ninety. Each level has different tasks to achieve. Likewise, you have to unveil the resources by purchasing mines in the first one.

In the second level, transportation items were depicted. And, the cards in level three are for great gem shops.

Features of Splendor board game

Competitive interaction

Moreover, two or more two players can play this game. All the players are striving to get the same cards. This same goal-oriented task between the players generates competition.

So, this game produces an interaction between the gamers who are sitting on one desk and playing to get the same thing. 

Progressive battle

In addition to this, this battle or competition to gain cards is based on a progressive battle.  Each level is followed by another and connects with the previous one. Likewise, the players in the first level strive for mines, and the second one depicts the means of transportation.

In the same way, the last one that is for gems shop is connected with the second one. So, this is a progression that we can see from lower to a higher level.

Multiplayer game

Further, this game involves two players, and a maximum of four players can enjoy it. But, the competition for resources increases with players. And, the time to fulfill the tasks and gain rewards also increases.

According to Splendor board game review, this could be time-consuming. Likewise, the time will exceed from thirty minutes to hours. So, two players should preferably play it.

Diverse card collection

There are different cards that are almost 90 in number. The availability of cards varies from level to level. Thirty cards are provided at each level. Likewise, the purpose of these cards is different, and they depict different tasks.

  • Multiplayer game
  • Increases competition
  • Multiple cards
  • Availability of noble tiles
  • Amazing design of cards
  • Lightweight cards
  • Easy to play
  • Presence of rule book in the packaging
  • Younger people can also play it.
  • Restricted for less than ten years old.
  • Time-consuming
  • Difficult to generate strategies

As such, there are no noticeable flaws in the game.

Gameplay of the Splendor board game

If you have read the rule book carefully, then the game is very easy for you to play the game. Without understanding the game properly, you will remain confused about your strategies.  Therefore, this Splendor video quick review board game will make your concepts about the game.

There is a piling up of six gem cards over each other before starting the game. Similarly, the developmental cards should be distributed in a way that each player gets four cards from each pile of three.

Additionally, the Splendor board game review also mentions that there are some noble tiles distributed in a way by having a look at the number of players. If they are three, then three noble tiles with one extra should be given to each player.

Moreover, there are four types of actions explained in the Splendor board game expansion review that needs to be done by the player. He will have a single development card in his hand or one gold card. Moreover, he could select two tokens of gems of his choice. Similarly, you can select any token of the same color of three gems.

Furthermore, some information is there on the cards that are of prior importance. It tells about the cost of that card. Sometimes, it provides a benefit by using two available cards to buy a new one that has a cost equal to the cost of these two.

The focus should be on collecting diverse cards with some gems cards. So, this Splendor game review explains to you that when the total score of any player is above 15, the game will end. And, the player having a greater number of prestige points will win.


I hope the Splendor board game review would be beneficial for novice players. Those players who are playing the board game for the first time can take help from the Splendor game review to develop their knowledge about the gameplay.

Moreover, the Splendor board game expansion review explains to you the important features of the splendor game. I think this board game is the splendid one like its name. It attracts the players not only the older ones but also, the younger players to it.

Further, the number of cards and their management with different strategies are described in this Splendor review board game. If you don’t know about managing the cards, then you can fail or lose any time.

Moreover, the best thing about this game is its minimal setup, and quick learning is described in this Splendor board game review. So, if there is something confusing about splendor, you can drop your query here. I will answer your queries. Good Luck!


How many gems can a player hold in a splendor board game?

There is a limit for holding only ten gems in the game. In the case of less than ten, like seven gems, you can purchase four more gems. But, in the end, you should have only ten.

How can a player win the Splendor game?

The strategies should be goal-oriented that will lead you to success. Likewise, understand the goal and the turns that will help you in gaining 15 points. Don’t rush behind cards collection.

Similarly, maintain your focus on the cards, And be precise in selection. Your attention must not be towards the noble tiles. Just collect the developmental cards to progress in the game.

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